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I love working with Val. She is someone who takes care of people with the compassion and skill level that is needed and beyond. She is kind, loving and skilled at the work she performs. Val is always reliable and accountable. She is excellent at multitasking.  She knows how to properly prioritize and delicate work that needs to be done. I was very sad to not be working with Val anymore. She brings joy to the work place. It is a blessing to have worked with someone who is as compassionate and skilled at taking care of people. 

♡ Sherri McLain


A short paragraph cannot do justice to the service you have provided for my father when he needed it most. The top-notch care you, your family, and your staff provided for him was an absolute blessing, there is no one I would trust more with my father. Providing transportation, after-hours care, and  putting up with the odd quirks my father has, you went well beyond any requirements that were expected of you and for that I am forever grateful. Any home you run I am absolutely positive will be first class.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my father, keep up the great work.

Tim Cunningham​

 Valarie Mckinnon is the type of person anyone would be lucky to have caring for their loved one. She treats them like they are her family, with love, and with patience beyond most people’s comprehension. I have guardianship of my older cousin with Cerebral palsy, since her Ma passed. She is non-verbal with the mental age of about a 4 year old. She has a made up sign language and of course some of her family knows her made up sign language, but nobody else seemed to care enough to learn it. This was until we meet Miss Val, and SHE not only cared enough to learn her special way of communication, she worked to get her to actually speak a few words! (she could make sounds, like meow, but basically is non-verbal.) Although she is nonverbal, Val had her saying words like horse, a few colors, dog.... I know this doesn't sound like a big deal to many, but to us.... it was amazing!! Val was the first person to convince my cousin that she could have her hair done "up pretty", have her nails painted, and just be a girl! I can't even say how lucky we were to get to have Valarie in our lives, there just are not words to say enough. If you get a chance to have this woman take care of your loved one, know one thing, your loved one will be loved, treated like family, and taken care of with the best person in the world to do it!



To whom it may concern,
Val is the best boss I have ever had she gave me a chance when nobody else would. Val puts her heart and soul into her job she's a very kind person honest and trustworthy. If I had my own business Val would be the first person I would call for a job. I have learned way more from Val in just a few months then I have from anyone else. 
Diamond Berndt

“I can't wait for this home to be full so I can share the passion, love, and dedication I have. This is where I am supposed to be”. Miss Val


To whom it concern,
   I have known Valarie a year when it came too working with her it was amazing. She has a heart of gold and cares for clients like they are one of her own family members. It was always a pleasure to work with her. She seemed to always have a smile on her face. 
    I would recommend her to all clients she always showed how skilled she was the clients warmed up too her, they seemed too listen to her. Their needs always came first. As a co-worker it was always good to come into work knowing she was there. She knows team work, she is a hard worker, and an all-around beautiful person inside and out. 


   Becky Cook